Are you going on a video chat in a couple of hours and you’re desperate to spruce up your image? Video call is one of the best modes of communication if one cannot escape from their busy schedule. Except, you don’t have the time to make sure that you look nice before the chat begins. There are 3 ways in which you can sharpen your image on a video call.

1. Don’t Mess With the Background

Have you ever seen those video chats where someone is sitting on what looks to be a beautiful island under the sun? It’s cool to try out different backgrounds supplied in a video chat, but in work situations, it’s best to keep your setting seriously. Find an area in the house that is quiet, has no distractions, and colors of the walls won’t take focus away from you.

2. The Sound of Your Voice is Everything

Aside from making sure that you look presentable for this video chat, your voice is a very important factor. Make sure that your voice is not too loud, and not too quiet. So, in other means, it should be just right. Find a room in the house that has the best acoustics and absorbs sound. Rooms with hardwood floors are not the best for video chats, creating terrible echoes..

3. Find Your Lighting

Like in a stage performance, actors must find their mark for the light to shine reflect on them for audiences. However, you should not sit directly under a light fixture. That only causes unsightly shadows. Sit right near a light source and avoid having it seen in the video chat. Remember, you are the main focus in a video chat, not anything in the background of your home.