If you want a different flavor of taking photos, better engage in behind-the-scenes (BTS) photography. BTS photography deals on recording events without any intrusion from the photographer. In other words, if you are a BTS photographer, you are not allowed to impose your preferences, such as the angle, lighting, rule of thirds, etc. 

For you to become a BTS pro, just read on.

  1. Backgrounder. Once you receive the invites for a BTS gig, you need to get the details of the event upfront. Getting the background of an event will help you plot things out and you’ll know the best camera to bring.
  2. Discreet. You must learn how to take photos like a ghost if you want to excel in this field. You need to equip yourself with enough knowledge in taking perfect shots, even in the most challenging setup. 
  3. Focus. Just like other types of photography, you must know how to highlight a subject in a BTS shot. Don’t ever capture unnecessary scenes, as what the novice do. For example, if you’re going to take college graduation photos, you must capture the emotion of the students and not the colorful stage backdrop.
  4. Connect. BTS photography concerns much on the documentation of the event rather than the art. Its concept is similar to photojournalism. So, if you want to become a professional BTS photographer, you must practice documenting scenes as they unfold to your very eyes. Keep in mind that there is no need for any dramatic and scripted acts in this field.
  5. Observe. If you want to increase your skills in taking BTS shots, you must learn how to observe. Study how the pro gets the job done and try to integrate their concepts with your style.

You only need these five tips if you want to become a world-renowned BTS photographer. Once you coupled these ideals with your unceasing determination, you’ll dominate the BTS realm soon!