Cameras are one of the features we look for in a smartphone that makes us decide whether to buy it or not. And with every release of a new smartphone model, its camera also keeps improving. Now, you can take even better photos with your smartphones with the use of lenses. A number of these lenses are already out in the market, but the top choices for many are those that come from Moment, a company based in Seattle. Read below to have a closer close look at these Moment lenses so you can decide which one to buy.


There are currently four lenses offered by Moment. You can buy them for 89.99 USD to 99.99 USD. You can attach the lens via their custom photo case, so you’ll also have to purchase one. Moment has custom photo cases for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel. You can buy most of them for not over 30USD.

Build Quality

The four lenses differ in physical appearance, but all are made of metal and glass. A rubber lens cap is included to protect the front. There is also a velvet drawstring bag to clean the lens.

Attaching the lens

The custom phone cases have mounts that allow you to attach the lens to your phone. You match the lens mount to the case and twist the lens to secure it. The process is actually fairly simple; however, the small size of the lens mount makes things a bit challenging on the first try. If the lens is securely locked in place, you don’t need to worry about it accidentally falling off.


The focal length of the Wide lens is 18mm. It’s large and looks similar to a fish-eye lens, and gives sharp image results.

The Superfish offer a 170-degree field of view. It’s compact and gives a fish-eye image result.

The Macro lens is considered the best among the four lenses. It offers 10 x magnifications and comes with a plastic diffuser hood that helps you determine the distance between the lens and the subject. But the hood can be removed.

The Telephoto lens has almost twice the focal length of other smartphones.


To get the best protection for your lenses, it is recommended to purchase their pocket-sized pouch. The pouch has good padding and can store about two lenses. You may also opt for the travel case which can accommodate four lenses and other accessories.